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Dear NAHU Members,

As all of you know, the very close Massachusetts Senate seat special election this coming Tuesday, Jan. 19, could determine the fate of the current health care reform bills that the Democratic Congress and Obama administration are stampeding to pass into law.

Republican state Senator Scott Brown's campaign has surged since the holidays and has unexpectedly turned the special election into a nail-biter against Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley, pulling the race to an essential "toss up."

Should Scott Brown prevail, it would reduce the Democrats' Senate majority to 59, one less than the 60 votes necessary to pass controversial legislation in the Senate.

Many of you have expressed interest and supported NAHU's involvement in this race through our political arm, HUPAC. You will be pleased to know that in the last few weeks HUPAC has maxed out our contribitions to Scott Brown's campaign with $5,000 in financial support, the maximum amount allowable under election rules. In fact, the president of our Massachusetts AHU chapter presented the contribution to Mr. Brown personally!

Highlighting the sense that the political climate is shifting rapidly, the White House announced Friday that President Obama would travel to Massachusetts on Sunday to campaign for Ms. Coakley, hoping to generate Democratic enthusiasm in a contest that will hinge on turnout. The decision to put the president's political prestige on the line after the White House initially said he would not make a trip is a gauge of how seriously the administration is taking this threat.

A victory by Scott Brown could cause the fragile Democratic coalition behind the health care legislation to unravel and put approval of the measure itself in jeopardy. Should he win and take his seat before final consideration of the health legislation, Democrats would be one vote short of the 60 needed to get the bill through the Senate!

With the stakes at an all-time high for the future of our industry, we want to take this opportunity to urge all of our members to become regular contributors to HUPAC. Our PAC is an important tactical asset in helping to elect candidates dedicated to ensuring that the health care industry - and private health insurance - continues to be a strong and affordable choice for all Americans.
For those of you who are already regular contributors, we thank you immensely, and ask that you consider increasing your yearly contributions.

If you have not previously contributed, it's very quick and easy. Just go to the HUPAC home page and you will see a link for registering. Fill in the required information, and select the amount you would like to contribute. We offer several different levels of giving, sure to fit a variety of budgets: General Supporter ($10 per month); 365 Club ($30 per month); and our highest distinction of Capitol Club (at least $85 per month, or $1,000 per year). The maximum allowable contribution to HUPAC each year is $5,000 (our Triple Diamond Level).

Now, more than ever, we need your assistance to provide funds to support those elected officials who believe that agents and brokers are part of the solution in shaping the new health care agenda.

The outcome of the Massachusetts special Senate election is critical, and your contributions can make a difference. We need the support of committed members like yourself.

Thank you so much for your continued involvement and support for our industry. In politics, like most endeavors, there is strength in numbers. Please consider becoming a new contributor to HUPAC, or increasing your contributions. 

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Mike Gray                                                            Janet Trautwein
HUPAC Chair                                       NAHU Executive V.P. & CEO



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